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Everyone Make Happy

by Shelf Life

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released September 18, 2015

All songs written by Scotty Leitch



all rights reserved


Shelf Life Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I'm a Libra and ball of nerves.


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Track Name: The Curse
bless your brittle bones
as I gnaw my teeth down to a pulp
but without you there’d be no center to my toppled world

bathe in sisters blood
talk to the ghost of my dads mom
about nothing but heaven and the cancer in her gut

stare until it hurts
into the eyes of an animal stripped of breath
and in my life I want to see the suffering of them all

end, this curse is dear
to stare into a mirror
and then into the eyes of someone willing to absorb
but without you there’d be no center to my toppled world
Track Name: Avril
the boy with no arms cried at the entrance of the hug convention

canada brains
chamomile show
warm rain storm
cataract aim
cinnamon clothes
lawn gnomes nose
Track Name: Mark II
wake me up
when my lungs
start to pump

theres always something in the sunlight

put me down
when i stop noticing

theres always something in the sunlight
Track Name: Creature
I can’t take this road or the people on it
I had a soul but my mother drowned it
in a pool of pills under a sky of lies
now the creature inside her is trying to die

with the sheets pulled tight but the rope fit loose
I ask myself what my Father would do
he’d fold his hands lean to belief
but the creature inside him is not inside of me

God bless your bones and the body they’ve built
the warmth of your hand will be the last thing I’ve felt
before I die, before I leave
then the creature inside you sleeps inside of me
Track Name: Low Key Lumber Theft
pretend it is bending and not broken
hold the hand that breaks
the hand that has bitten

tell yourself the wine is your water
hate the head that coughs
down the sleeve unguarded

hoooooooooo oooooh ooooh
Track Name: Time Traveler
safe in this room
I am safe in this room
under shelter of rock
under shelter of rock

meeting the past
I am meeting the past
it is just how I thought
I have found what I lost

you had gone away

puzzled at dawn
I was puzzled at dawn
thinking why did it stop
thinking when will now stop

it has gone away
Track Name: Double Dare
meet me at the mall later on
I’ll have my new Slayer shirt on
tell your dad not to drop you off out front
wear something black or we'll lose you on purpose

I did not mean that
Track Name: Feel Better
stressing hard trying have compassion for myself
if you don’t I have compassion for you without limits
I would die for you in a minute
Track Name: Sinking Just Right
scared of feeling okay
scared of all those yesterdays
she said I’m living backwards
in the before not the after

spend half the day in physical pain
the other half in self blame
does everybody hate me
just a little little little bit
just enough to make me sick

I’ll find a swimming pool
I’ll find a cinderblock
I’ll find a tightrope
I’ll hold my breath just right

I’ll be sinking just right
Track Name: Don’t Palpatize
maybe it’s in the way you turn up
then tell the air to set fire to me

the odds sleep in the corner
opposite to my bed

dump out both eyes

haha, ha